Strategic Planning

Team Working on A ProjectMany business owners and leadership teams spend more time working IN their business and little or no time working ON their business. It is not easy to sit down and evaluate your business, your success factors, and create a high level strategy for success. Our strategic planning process will help you and your management team develop the steps need to move your business to the next level.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

 Would you like to lead your business to:

  • Increased market share and client acquisition
  • Greater employee motivation and contributions to success
  • Success defined and teams focused on success
  • Stronger customer service and retention of customers
  • A unified sense of purpose throughout your organization
  • Managers who care about your business the way you do

In many cases, elements of the leadership and coaching processes may also be incorporated in order to meet your goals.

Are you ready to talk about how we can help you move your organization to the next level?

“Did you know that the #1 reason that Leaders fail is the absence of a clear strategic direction?"
- from 10.5 Reasons Why Even Top-Notch Executives Fail by Mutchler and Herdlinger

Why Do All Organizations Need A Strategic Plan That is Executable?

1) “If we fail to plan, we plan to fail.” - Planning makes the future happen, but most leaders get tied up in the day to day running of their business, never making time to plan. Great leaders take the appropriate time needed for planning.
2) Create a roadmap for success - Before anything becomes actually accomplished, it must be mentally accomplished. The mental exercise of creating a Strategic Plan begins the actualizing phase of the roadmap, leading to the success of the organization.
3) Template for decision making - The Strategic Plan includes the hierarchical ingredients that guide all participants to make proper decisions quickly and with conviction. This saves time and money in all organizations, allowing them to reach their destination quicker and with less investment.
4) Prioritize activity - Imagine all employees of an organization being able to decisively understand what tasks need to be accomplished and in what order. The Strategic Plan outlines who does what, by when.
5) Harness the momentum of inspired employees - When employees fully understand their role in the organization and are inspired by the organization’s vision, their productivity skyrockets. The Strategic Plan helps create the inspiration needed to propel the organization to greater heights.
6) RESULTS! - The quickest route between where an organization is and where it wants to be is revealed in the Plan. This provides the ultimate reward – the intended results for which all leaders are responsible.

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“Working with Grant quite simply brought order to chaos. His structured approach and tools helped me articulate our value proposition and differentiate our various service offerings. As a result we now have a business plan with goals, strategy and action steps. As an entrepreneur and business owner you need a trusted advisor like Grant.” Jim Newhouse”