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Lack of courage is one of the root causes of many time management issues. In fact, time management is usually not a time management problem but a behavior problem. Procrastination is something that we all must confront and deal with from time to time. It's only natural to procrastinate at times, but the way you deal with your procrastination patterns will determine what effects procrastination has on your life.

Why is it that so many people start out with good intentions to achieve a goal but never achieve that goal? When you procrastinate you simply fail to act on the very things you know will bring you the rewards that you desire. You know you want the rewards and know you must act, but you hold off, make excuses and, in short, procrastinate.

Procrastination can be caused by a fear—a fear of failure or the fear of stepping outside your comfort zone. You will certainly have to take actions that will make you uncomfortable. Your subconscious mind might react by "protecting" you. In the short-term the effects may be reassurance and comfort but there will be long term negative consequences.

You rarely seize opportunity and achieve results by waiting for it to come to you. When you set out to get what you want most, you may expose yourself to discomfort but you will also find opportunity. It's never a case of whether you have opportunities but rather whether you are noticing the opportunities? But even more importantly, are you using the opportunities or are you procrastinating? One thing is for certain: when procrastination becomes a habit, you won't even notice all the opportunities on your doorstep. You will live your life in distraction, constantly looking for short term "pleasures" to avoid the real challenges that will cause you to reap the real results. You will always "turn a blind eye" to the real opportunities. Those who succeed are rarely the people with the most splendid opportunities. They are the people who saw an opportunity where no one else saw it, and then they took action to realize it.

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Out of all the negative effects of procrastination and indecision, the failure to spot and act on opportunity is probably the saddest. So many people with so much talent fail to live up to their true potential because of procrastination. The rewards you reap from life will be either a direct or an indirect result of your actions or your inactions. Not only will procrastination prevent you from reaping the rewards, but your inaction will prevent you from even being exposed to opportunity. Opportunity is knocking, but you must act and at least open the door. Don't let the effects of procrastination stand between what you are and what you can become. Once you stop procrastinating and decide to act you will find that opportunity is knocking.

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