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People do not like to be sold but they sure love to buy. There is a lot of truth in that statement.   Today we have many opportunities to self-select or products and services by researching everything we want to know about a potential purchase. All we have to do is Google it. With all of that why do we need sales?

We need sales more than ever but we no longer need or want the old time sales where the salesperson has more information than the customer and uses that information disparity to persuade (or force) the customer to commit. Now we must be more skilled in the sales profession because we are an assistant buyer assisting a highly educated customer find a solution.    

Helping provide a solution requires attunement. We will be more attuned if we ask important questions and listen carefully for the answer then ask more questions to clarify so that we can get a full understanding. Doesn’t it make more sense to assist the client in the buying decision rather than selling them something?

Look at it another way. You visit your doctor because you have a pain in your knee. Your doctor does a thorough examination. She asks you questions such as, Where does it hurt? How long has it hurt? She may then suggest some of the causes of such pain such as a torn tendon. Then she asks if you have experienced unusual activity that might be related to your knee pain. She is helping you discover the root cause of your pain so that you will understand the need for surgery, if necessary. What would you have done if the doctor came to the exam room and said we need to schedule surgery next week? I am sure you would have run out of the office for another opinion.

Persuading people to buy from you is the same thing. Do you wonder why you experience resistance? Instead of being the salesperson you should become the assistant buyer. You are assisting your prospect in determining her wants and needs and, only then, are you offering solutions. Ask questions rather than applying pressure.

For example, a realtor is showing several houses that fulfill the stated wants and needs of the buyer. The buyer appears to fall in love with one home but then hesitates. The buyer wants to think it over. You want to make a sale so you suggest that the seller might be getting other offers and the home may not be available unless the buyer acts now. Although you might be correct about other offers, the buyer may react negatively to your pressure. You want to be seen as the person providing the solution to their desire for a dream home. As an alternative you might discuss the houses they have seen. Ask why they want the home they saw, would another home do just as well, what will they do if their offer is not accepted. You are the assistant buyer and you are providing solutions.Offering Benefits and Consequences  of a Decision

Providing solutions and being the assistant buyer will help you develop relationship that will lead to increased business.


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Friday, 19 April 2024

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