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A successful organization does not happen by accident. Success is the result of a focused leader with a positive agenda. Last month I worked with an organization that was having difficulty with its people. I asked some employees what they thought was the problem. They replied, “We need positive leadership. We need leadership with people skills.”

What does your organization need? Does it need more sales or more profits? Does it need updated marketing that get results? Does your organizational structure need to change to get business to the next level? Regardless of how you answer these questions one fact is abundantly clear. It is your people who achieve the results. That is true for any size organization and it is also true if you are a sole practitioner.  

Let’s start with you and your personal leadership. Ask yourself these questions:

  •  Am I the best I can be?
  •  Am I goal directed and do I provide goal-directed leadership to my employees?
  •  Do I lead by example?
  •  Am I motivating my people?
  •  Do I invest my time in the right things?
  •  Do I create a culture of accountability?

Those who have studied management know that the five functions of management are planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling. I would agree and add that a manager must be a leader. The title of manager is something the organization conveys on you or you call yourself owner or manager if you are in your own business. However, a leader is not given his or her power by the organization but rather by the people that are led.

In order to have an effective organization or team you must have an effective leader. An effective leader achieves results THROUGH people and WITH people. The leader empowers people. To effectively achieve results through people you must communicate, interact, create and achieve goals, establish an environment of accountability, reflect vision, and establish an atmosphere where people can get motivated.

When you lead by example you create an atmosphere where people are inspired to apply organizational values and develop their shared values. This creates a sense of ownership and belonging. Further results include the establishment of strong self-discipline, respect for others and strengthened relationships, and greater work life balance.   Our behavior creates the results, and as leaders, our behavior creates the results we achieve through people.

Leader Leading

Become the most effective leader you can be by assessing yourself, and looking within for the changes that may need to happen to achieve that goal. Here is my challenge to you: If you don’t get the results you desire, as a leader it is your leadership behavior that requires change. Take a look at your leadership. Learn to change.   Start your journey in leadership and remember that it is a continuing journey and not a destination.

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Friday, 31 March 2023

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