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Everyone is always talking about setting a goal and writing it down. We hear that all the time. So why isn’t everyone that espouses this doing great? In fact, why do very few New Year’s resolutions go unfulfilled? “WHY” is indeed the operating question.

I ask people I coach this question all the time, “Why do want to do this?” Frankly, if you do not have the WHY the HOW will not matter. Motivation and goal achievement are interrelated. Notice that I did not say goal setting but rather achievement. You can’t motivate yourself or motivate others. You need instead to reach down and find that motivation and bring it to the surface.

What is your passion? If you are not sure, why not start by doing a dream inventory. List every dream you have. How many did you list? Keep going until you have 50. Which ones are most important? Why? What will they do for you? How badly do you want these and why?

Do you have that burning goal and are you emotionally attached to that goal or is it something that would just be nice to have. Many people want something but then their subconscious says, “yeah right that will never happen.” So, they reason, “I will try but I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment if I fail.”   But wait, what are the consequences if you fail? They could be major.

Your desire for gain is only one side of the goal achievement process. Think about a time when you did something to avoid a loss. The threat of loss is, many times, a more powerful motivator than the opportunity for gain. If you have a strong passion for achievement of your goal AND failure is not an option, you are motivated to achieve.   So find your passion and follow your dream and you know WHY.

HOW... consider all possible obstacles and for every obstacle consider all possible solutions. What is the greatest obstacle, that is, what obstacle if eliminated would greatly facilitate the achievement of your goal. Then set up an action plan to remove the obstacle and achieve.

This is not going to be easy. I am not suggesting that it is. It will require changing habits and they are never easy to change. A habit keeps us in a comfort zone. We must have a greater reward to establish a new habit. That reward will help us to replace the old habit with a new one which will yield a new and greater reward. If you are passionate about what you are doing, follow these steps. You will see a difference.


You can also use this in the buying selling process. Ask your customer what benefits and consequences they see. This will help them find their motivation to act on their new home or anything else. Funny how motivation and goals work.

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